I love short and sexy skirts – if I may say, I think I have a fetish for them! *laughs*  I love how shapely legs look in them, and I love how eyes of various men will follow the swish of my skirt, and probably pondering what is underneath! *swish*

I think every man loves to be teased. If you cock tease a man, this revs up his imagination and makes him wonder if I will let him up my skirt or not.  I must have hundreds of skirts – all designed and hand picked for sole purpose of teasing a man. I have tight ones, and ones that if the wind is just right – it will blow up my skirt, revealing my panties and my sexy thighs.  There’s nothing better than to drive a man completely wild and then have him pant and beg.

I’ve had some pretty fun calls as of late with a good array of men to tease – who seem to love it as well.  I did have a caller who called the other day who called himself “Nancy Knickers”. He said he didn’t have a sissy milking for what he said was months – and he was so funny with his cute little British accent. It was too funny – I laughed a lot with this one.

Call me for a good phone sex call! I will be around to tease and taunt you with my short little skirt! ;)  And make sure you bring plenty of lubrication too…

M. Angelica