A lot of cuckolds, or wannabe cuckolds, I talk to often wonder why they are so attracted to cuckolding. Some already know why, but others might be just a bit clueless. They watched it on porn or read about it somewhere and instantly, their cock got hard.

Why Are You Into Cuckolding?

Sometimes it’s a surface level thing: small cock, premature ejaculator or just can’t get hard for whatever reason. Sometimes it has to do with the fact that a guy has discovered they are gay or they are just a sissy now.

Sometimes guys just don’t know. Their cocks are big, they can last long and there’s no issues here. So what is it?

Cuckoldry: It’s All In the Mind

We often forget that humans are still primal and watching other humans have sex is often a turn on. It triggers something in the brain that you can’t quite shake and of course you are going to be turned on! Now, couple that with someone you love and care about and all kinds of emotions start brewing: jealousy, anger, turned on all the same time. It’s a powerful force!

How Likely Are You Going to Want to Be Cuckolded?

I talk to cucky Mikey often and I have a lot of regulars who talk about their cuckolding lifestyle – some that I have talked to are truly living the dream and love it. They want to be cuckolded and have girls in their lives that want to. Mikey loves to watch. So anytime the bull comes over, they are there to witness and do submissive duties like sucking cock, and eating out cream pies. No, not all cuckolds do that – but he does. He is all about the cream pies and the cock sucking and loves to wear panties too.

Knowing all that – how are you wanting to be cuckolded, how often or do you want to be cuckolded at all?

How you approach it is all about you and your girl, of course.

Is it just a Fantasy?

I get it. Just the other day I was talking to one of my other regulars who loves just the fantasy of cuckolding. When really thinking of another man touching his wife in a reality – his blood boils. But he loves to immerse in the fantasy of it. It will never go anywhere from there. For others, it is something so intense that it is all they can think about and they really wish their wives would cuck them.

Where do you fit in?

Your Girl Wants To Fuck Another Man, Now What?

When my boyfriend approached me about cuckolding him, I was thrilled! I have also learned that I’m often in the minority here and that not every woman wishes to hear this from her man. I get it. But I did. Why? I love variety and knew there was bigger out there and wanted it again. Not only that, but my boyfriend is a kinky fuck and I love it. So off we went.

But some ground rules had to be established. The bull was to get tested every so often, my guy was to always know if I was with someone else – whether in front of him or not, and he was not allowed to have other women. After all, that would be an open relationship and he wasn’t after that and nor was I. So far, it’s all worked out beautifully!  We are very happy with everything that’s worked out.

So if you are the lucky guy who gets your woman to cuckold you – by all means – go ahead and do it, but make sure everyone is on the same page!

If you’d like to have more in-depth cuckold conversations or fantasies with me – I’m here!

Mistress Angelica