Panties are like little pieces of art that adorn the body, adding a touch of femininity and allure to any ensemble. From delicate lace to silky satin, the variety of fabrics and styles available can make choosing the perfect pair an adventure in itself. Isn’t that delightful? It should be – especially if you love wearing them and you think you are being secretive. Truth is, you’ll be found out.

How Do You Adorn Yourself?

Like most cross dressers, or even panty-wearers I know – panties are the first layer in choosing just who you are. Whether it’s a lacy thong, a cheeky bikini, or a sweet and innocent pair of boyshorts, there’s something undeniably enchanting about the way panties hug the curves, in some cases, your little tiny clitoris – amiright? I know a lot of crossdressers love the thrill of wearing panties.I mean, it’s the element of surprise – there’s something undeniably thrilling about catching a glimpse of a tantalizing pair of panties peeking out from under a skirt or dress. It’s like discovering a delicious secret that’s meant for your eyes only, and it can add an extra spark of excitement to any encounter. Don’t you WANT to be found out?

How I Discovered a Colleague Wore Panties Once

I wasn’t always a phone sex girl. I used to work in banking and I was a teller. I’d work drive-through and I’d take in deposits and withdrawals. Gosh – doesn’t that kind of sound sexy too? LOL. Anyway, my co-worker was next to me – a guy. He bent over to get some coin sleeves from the bottom drawer and I saw a peek of his panties. I couldn’t contact myself. I said – “What are you wearing?”

To which he replied – “What are you talking about?”

I smirked.

“Oh come on”.  He turned a bright red and explained, “I just like wearing them occasionally….”

I laughed – oh I don’t care, I told him. I think it’s sexy! From there, we would have long conversations about the styles, the patterns, where he liked to shop in person but often he said, I just like to shop online.

This was one of my first experiences in finding out that boys actually loved to wear women’s clothes. But he really couldn’t escape my teasing. Panty Boy Teller was his name from the remainder of the time I worked there. I think he actually loved it and a couple of times I even called him that in front of the manager. LOL

Panty Boy Andy

Recently had a call with Andy in which he wanted me to send him a pic of a pair of panties I had been wearing so he could imagine he was kneeling next to them all while talking to me. I did and we had a good time! We would roll the die and the number on the die would determine how much time he would have to be silent and stare at my panties OR if the outcome of the number was even, then, he could stroke his cock that many times. At the end of the call, he said, if I get a double 6 then I get to cum. Well, lo and behold! That actually worked! He was able to get that double 6 and he was able to cum! I think he told me he is also a panty boy and was wearing panties at the time. Nonetheless, he LOVES look at mine and my “body art” all wrapped up in silk. I had also told him that I had had sex the night before in those panties – and he just loved the idea of that.

Panty perv.

Ms Angelica