Oh boy. When my boyfriend is out of town and my other lovers that I hook up are busy … and out of town .. which seems to happen a lot this time of year. I have been on the lookout for new sex toys. As if reading my mind, my girlfriend told me about this new toy right around that time and it was so random – I felt like it was a message from the universe herself. I mean, masturbation is something we all must do sometimes right?

Meet The Rose Sex Vibrator

I got one and what this one does is a fantastic job of sucking the clitoris. This think is WEIRD looking. It’s called, ahem – The Big Mouth Tongue Licking Suction Vibration Weird Sex Toy. Look it up. It looks like something from Little Shop of Horrors. I guess it’s supposed to look like lips, and a tongue is pushing out of it. But you know what? It does the job. Oh. Here is a pic of it:

Didn’t I tell you it’s weird looking?

Sex Toys for HIM too!

Don’t despair. I found one for you guys too who love a good blowjob, or even any kind of vibration. Not as weird looking, but looks like it does the job. Which begs the question: What kind of sex toy are you using these days? The trends seem to change every few years depending on what is in sex style, I guess. I know for awhile, I was having LOTS of conversations about anal stimulation and anything that tickled the prostate was in fashion. Sissies often times switched from dildos to vibrators – I realize not everyone is into anal sex … but there were lots of conversations about that.

So What Tickles Your Sexual Fancy?

I haven’t had this conversation in some time with my audience – sex toys. And I love trying out different ones. I’m not an affiliate of said sex toy above but … the suction on it! The way the tongue tickles! And vibrates! Wow. You guys that say you are oral have some competition.

So I want to know – what IS the most erotic sex toy you have used on your own in times of need? The reason I ask if because I often like to recommend different toys and assign out what to get to different guys. Let me know in the comments.

Can’t Wait to Have Sex Again

I’m going through a dry spell right now and I am probably going to go ahead and hit the town and start looking for other guys because I’m not sure I can wait that long. Maybe you can go down on me or I can fuck you with a strap on in the meantime. OR I can just talk about cuckolding you – because that’s definitely my thing too! I love cuckolding calls – they are in my top 5.

Cuckolding Cuckoldress Loves to Cuck

Now that my rose sex toy has me pretty satisfied, I do miss the feeling of a nice thick cock. And I would love to talk about cuckolding. I just counseled someone the other day that was trying to figure out how to get started in being cuckolded and I always try to assess the current situation you are in: if you’re married, have a girlfriend? Is she open to this? Have you spoke to her about it? Does she know what cuckolding is?

If she is into it – what’s the game plan? I always love a good game plan and I am a good sounding board for these kinds of things and offer tons of guidance on what to do because why? I have been cuckolding my guy for quite awhile. Yes I still have sex with him, but as I tell him – when I go to a candy store – why just pick one kind of candy where there are bins full of them?

Until next time – Mistress Angelica