Wow, since I last blogged about cuckolding my boyfriend, I have had a bunch of calls and text sessions about cuckolding. I’ve been loving it! From those who fantasize about cuckoldry, and those who are in the lifestyle for real. I had an hour call the other day with a married man whose wife cuckolds him, and he does everything to being the cock sucker to cleaning up cream pies.

Since I have cuckolded my boyfriend, I have been thinking that it seems that cuckolding can overlap to other fetishes… which, of course, I combine with the man I am with now in our bondage play. I can see how cuckolding someone can encompass other fetishes: Β coerced bisexuality (sucking cock), feminization, bondage play, cum play, – I mean, even giantess! Me shrinking you into a little man and making you watch me with my lover. That might be far out to some of my readers, but, I just did a 2 hour text session the other day with a giantess guy – so it’s fresh in my mind *smiling*

But I love hearing the real stories! If you have any to share and that excites you, be sure to tell me! Fantasies are good too as it helps my cuckold relationship to give a new spin to ideas, plus, helps you to flesh out your own.

Cuckoldry is more common than not in the last few years. It seems that a lot of husbands and boyfriends wish to be cuckolded. Honestly, aside from the being kinky and naughty, I feel that the act of cuckoldry is a selfless act. If you are not well endowed, or let’s face it, you suck in bed – letting your woman have the fun she deserves is the ultimate sacrifice on your part – even if you are a little jealous!

So, let’s keep those kinky lines open because I love hearing about this!

If you have any questions about the sessions themselves, please message me at spoiledbratangelica on yahoo. Β I do skype sessions at spoiledangelica as well, and if you don’t have any private time – go ahead and visit for the needed privacy with me.

Your Cuckolding Princess,