Teasing and Denial

I may not blog about it very often, but I do love teasing and denial. I find it to be very exciting and just yesterday, I had the hottest tease and denial call to date.

What is Hot about Teasing and Denial?

I think it is the unknown of you not knowing when you are going to cum, or not. That I love to hang over your head because it’s a big power trip to me. The fact I hold the key to you having an orgasm or not actually is quite titillating for me. And when I couple it with other dirty secrets I know about you, it’s actually a win for both of us.

How Do I Actually Do it?

Through the power of my voice and the phone sex fantasy, it’s quite easy to get you riled up. I love being able to paint you a picture of your own predicament. There you are, wanting to cum, and I have you locked in a fantasy that is making you completely crazy. Imagine that.

Will You Get to Cum?

I suppose that all depends on how I feel you have suffered. Is it enough? Are your balls in pain? Will any little touch send you to an explosive orgasm? There are many factors I consider in whether I will let you cum or not. And sometimes, I just like to make you wait, and outright deny you. I feel it’s very important that you experience that power! (What I find funny is, some of you actually like to be denied, and that makes you lose control. Go figure!)

But if you are a good boi, you will definitely listen to me and be straight out denied by me, going home with such achy balls.

I look forward to teasing and denying you!

M. Angelica