Are you a member of the small dick club? What do you need to qualify? I am going to tell you all about it.

What Qualifies You to be a Member of the Small Dick Club?

Well, a small dick, of course. What makes a small dick is anything below the 5.5-inch mark. Now if you call me and tell me that you are 5.75 inches, I’m not going to be all that impressed. In fact, I have noticed that boys you are smaller than 6 inches always has to push that 1/4 inch or so to try to impress us really, girls. Really? It’s not that impressive. Talk to me about 8 inches, and now we are talking.

So You Are a Member – Now What?

So you and your member are a member. (See what I did there?) So what do you do? What does that even mean? Well, I will tell you: no lady wants a penis that small. Believe me. They are not going to be all that impressed with your tiny little dick. So, your next step is just to avoid having sex with women. They don’t want it anyway. Next would be to smother it in panties. It will feel better anyway. Next is to work on ways you can serve women that do not involve your little penis….

Say What on Serving Women?

Yeah, you know you can’t really get a woman off with your dick – so now what? Well, you can serve women in a variety of ways. Showering her with gifts, money, letting her cuckold you, and being a little sissy maid or chore boy around the house. It’s almost orgasmic to hear a guy say – don’t worry, honey, I’m going to do the dishes! So yes, that is your job ow. Now, don’t you feel more helpful already?