I’m an ass girl. I love a nice round ass on a man or a woman. Doesn’t make any difference to me. However – it must be hairless. I want it round and smooth. I also love spanking. Spanking a nice round ass that has a slight jiggle is truly my favorite thing.

Spanking and Mistresses Just Go Together

I just got off a long call about spanking. We talked for an hour and half about his history with it and how he approaches it now. He asked me if I would spank him and why? One of the examples was: “What if I made you late to an event?”

If I have somewhere to be that I deem as important, you should very well know that I am NOT going to be happy if you had something to do with me being late. This would result in spanking. There are a number of things that would make me spank you and the list is long. As a Mistress, I expect utmost respect from you.

Have I Spanked and What Spanking Instruments Do I Use?

I’m the sort of kinky girl that collects toys and instruments to use for all my sexual activities. Spanking instruments are no exception. I have a couple of floggers, a whip, an assortment of paddles – wood, leather, one with holes etc.

I’ve been asked: which one do you decide to use when? It really all depends on the infraction. Were you purposely rude to me? That will be the flogger. Did you masturbate because you were thinking of me and you had yourself an accident? Well … I mean … you WERE thinking of me and it aroused you, so that lands an over-the-knee spanking in which I will use my open hand to slap your ass. As I slap, I will run my hand along side of your bare ass, then slap again. Until you are beet red. At least you got aroused and pushed your erection into my thigh, right?  True. But that will result in more spanking.

You see how that works?

Will You Spank Me Until I Cry?

I mean, that is the goal right? Sure you might get an erection while I’m spanking you but the end goal is to always get you to cry. Isn’t that what punishment is really about?  I would say if OTK spanking is not doing it – then I upgrade to a whip. Whipping not making you cry? Then a flogger – but then again, it all depends not the infraction and how much I need to see some tears.

Do I Like Being Spanked?

No. I’ve had some past boyfriends try though. I mean, have you seen my ass? It is sublime. It’s perfect and it’s truly my greatest ASS-et. If you haven’t seen my ass – just look at my banner as there are ass shots right there for you to drool over. But no, I am not the type to be spanked. I’m purely a Dominant woman and I really don’t think I have a drop of submissive blood in me. I have had men tell me that my ass is super juicy and oh-so-spankable – but no. I’d rather spank your ass any day of the week.

I’d Love To Hear Your Spanking Stories

Have you been spanked as an adult? Where did you it start and why? Topics like this always fascinate me because I love to know the origination of everything. And I love to hear how some submissive men go to dungeons to get a monthly spanking. I’ve heard it’s quite therapeutic and it keeps you like, hmmm?

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