Hello everyone!

I’ve been able to reconnect with everyone recently because I really wasn’t around much after the lockdowns ended – I sort of went wild. I had some boys on the side that I wasn’t playing with as much and I was on lockdown with my boyfriend – which was fun, but, I was missing some BBC. So this past summer, I had to catch up with A LOT of fucking of some BBC, you know? I know all of you BBC lovers know exactly what I am talking about – and especially if you have had BBC (BIG BLACK COCK for those that don’t know the acronym), you know you never want anything else.

Big Black Cock and Missing it SO Much

Did I say I was missing big black cock? Yeah. Because I was. You know the emoji for an eggplant? Every time I saw that, I was missing it during the lock downs. So, what I am trying to tell you if you haven’t guessed by now is – I got caught up with all the sex I was missing. Well, does anyone ever really get caught up on sex? But I think you know what I mean. I sure flirted with a bunch of them on text and Skype but everyone was too afraid to get together. Wow, I really missed that. So to those of you who have had BBC too, how do you feel when time goes by and you haven’t had it in awhile?  I mean, phone sex is great and all, but nothing like the real thing.

Cuckolding and My Boyfriend

Honestly, I think my boyfriend had been missing having me all to himself, so last year, and the beginning of this year – he had just that. Me. I was always around and so he got to serve me in a variety of ways, and yes, we do have sex although his cock is not quite up to par with what I usually get from my other boys that I play with. And he knows that. But still, he really drank me in so to speak. So I had him worship my body and do all kinds of things for me. It was actually wonderful, I’m not complaining. But as soon as I saw my way out and back into a normal swing of life – I went and connected with my BBC lovers again.

So tell me – do you love BBC as much as I do? If not, what about cuckoldry? What would you do to have your wife or girlfriend cuckold you?