I got a call yesterday which turned out to be quite fun – he asked me if I liked the role of the superheroes or the villians, or evildoers who trap super woman, or challenge the good girls of the fantasy hero world. I chose villian, of course. But then I chose catwoman – and couldn’t remember if she is good or bad! The image of Halle Berry walking around in her latex catsuit is so yummy, that I couldn’t resist putting myself in her boots, or her latex catsuit and domination superwoman. In the fantasy, I ended up dominating superwoman and stripping her of all her superwoman powers – especially when I took off her corset and bound up her wrists with her gold “truth-telling” lasso. It was a great call!

I’m in the mood for some goodphone sex! I’m wanting to tease and play today and what better day to do it then on a nice sunny day when I am sitting here wearing my most favorite sundress!

For those who want more of an indepth sexual phone conversation with more than the regular jack off lines – I’m always happy to offer that. It makes it more exciting when you really allow me to play!

I’m headed back outside to go suntan until my phone rings. Give me a call so you can rub some tanning lotion on me 🙂