I’ve been called a lot of things – but ballbuster and cockteaser is usually in that mix, LOL.  I love to cock tease. I live for it – cockteasing. I dress for it. I talk about it. I live it.

Cockteasing and How I Do It

I like a long, slow torture if I can get away with it. If I can cocktease for hours – that’s what I do. I know that’s not always possible on the phone – but I am sharing how I do it to a couple of people I play with in real time. My boyfriend for one. He loves the slow teasing. I love bondage, and it’s best if I can really get in between his legs as he can’t touch himself and I just tease the hell out of him with my mouth, fingers, hands, panties – whatever I can get a hold of….  This is just one of the ways. There’s also being out in public and wearing a short skirt and perhaps walking in a grocery store and “accidentally” dropping an apple on the floor “OOPS”.  Panty shot.

How Do I Cocktease in Erotic Phone Sex?

With my sexy voice of course. But I recently had someone do self bondage and he was unable to touch himself. He had nothing but a pair of panties on which, he told me, were very soft and silky so that when he was getting around, he could feel the seam of the panties rub against him and that was the ONLY physical titillation he had. I mean, how torturous!

I also am a big toys fan: vibrators, I have played with the love sense (the app where I can control you – but you have to set that up first), dildos if you are into that, flashlights are also a lot of fun. But – giving instructions and then the extreme tease and denial is something that is hot for me. Knowing I’m the one stopping you from cumming is ….. a turn on for me. I will admit it. Your denial is my arousal.

Your Denial is My Arousal

This is how I learned, even when I was in my early 20s, how you control a man. You control the cock, you control the man. Because I am a spoiled Princess at times, (ok – all the time), I love to get what I want. Locking a man up and outright denying him is a sure-fire way of a woman getting what she wants. Pussy licked extra long? Oh yes. That expensive pair of shoes – of course, dear. I’ll do anything. PLEASE let me cum.

It’s music to my ears.

All the Fringe Cockteasing Activities

In addition to your blue balls that I will be giving to you – I tend to love CBT (cock and ball torture). I mean, I guess it could be a little like the CBT in psych circles since I am cognitively controlling your behavior. LOL. I recently had a session where I had him spank his balls so much, they turned a pretty shade of purple and I saw it on cam. Why? Well he was begging for it for one, and two, I got off on it.

I actually did let him cum – of which he told me was one of the best orgasms he’s ever had. Go figure. Masochists gonna masochist.

My Cockteasing Schedule

I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately what my schedule is so I’ll share here – I’m usually here most days with the hours of 10 am EST – 3 or 4 pm EST. I usually don’t work evenings and I know that’s when a lot of guys can call. I’m out with my boyfriend or doing kinky things at night, or maybe I’m just watching Netflix. If I know you though – I will take appointments. I won’t take appointments from those that I don’t know, FYI. – Mistress Angelica