I’ve taken a lot of trips this summer and now I’m nestled in for the end of it – right when it’s the most hot. I’ve tanned, fucked, sucked and dominated my way this entire summer and it’s been a fun one!

A New Buck in the Stable

I found a new lover that I’ve been enjoying and I do love his body, his deviant mind and his cock. I love how he handles me. I have a boyfriend that I do cuckold and he’s been enjoying this too. I love the way he spoils me too – both of them, really. It’s a nice balance having a submissive and a Dominant in my life. But I am not one that likes to be dominated – with him, I am equal, but we’re in the bedroom … well, he fucks Me so good and I became a sex-crazed, horny lunatic. I get drunk off sucking his cock. I’m sure you would too if you were to see it.

Ask Me About Cuckolding

I should wear a tag like this when I’m walking around in Southern California. I’m sure I would get stopped a lot. Maybe attach it to my bikini – lol. I know it’s a hot topic and on lots of guy’s minds – because they tell me about it. I think that a lot of men actually Do want it, but they don’t know how to go about getting it. This is where I come in. Now I will say that if your girlfriend or wife is NOT into it – then, she’s not into it. But if she is open to the idea, or you think she will be open to the idea – I can help set the stage for possibly making it happen for you. Especially if she is a horny woman. She might be into the idea of cuckolding.

Why Do Women Like Bigger Cocks?

I sometimes get asked this and I sit here like, “Uh, what?”.   BECAUSE – they FEEL better! Duh! I mean, I know because I’ve been with big and small and I know what I like. I can describe to you how good it actually does feel …..

I was just on a call this morning where the caller said – well it’s not the size but what you do with it. And this was after he told me he has a 4 inch penis. I about spit about my coffee. Are you kidding? I exclaimed.  You really believe that?

So next time you say you can pleasure a woman with your little cock – uh – think again, bucko.  You DO NOT have what it takes. And I say that with love and deep humiliation. LOL. You need to understand that we can’t feel them. A vagina isn’t all that sensitive – unless we are being pummeled by a very big cock. So when you stick your teeny weenie inside of us – we will be counting the tiles on the ceiling. The only way for a woman to be truly taken is if we are  able to be stretched out and this is how we feel truly owned. I hope this makes total sense to you because when a small-dicked-man asks me this question about why he can’t pleasure a woman – I’m always confused as to why they’re confused. Because we can’t feel it! Plain and simple. The old adage of “It’s not the size that matters but how you use it” is such a lame way to save your ego. We aren’t in the 1950s anymore and women don’t have to lie. We can simply just tell you how it is and what we truly want: A big one that is going to take our breath away.

Any more questions?

Mistress Angelica