What the hell happened to 2020? In fact, have you actually thought of using 2020 as a cuss word? Such as “What in the 2020 is that?” or “That is so 2020 up”. I think you get the idea. But – I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here! I’m not even ready .. on that note …

What Does A Mistress Do on Christmas?

Well, Mistresses are pretty normal – for the most part. We shop for presents just like everyone else, we put up a tree just like everyone else, we bake gingerbread men – just like everyone else. But – what is really in those pretty little packages under the tree for my submissives? Well, that’s where it gets interesting. It really depends on who the little slut is – but it can be a varied about of presents: Chastity device for the cock control addict, lingerie for the sissy slut (maybe a dildo as a stocking stuffer …. LOL, can you imagine that?) and lingerie for me for my cuckold because as we all know – he really wants to watch me fuck someone else in that lingerie, right?

Christmas Evening is Where the Fun is

If I didn’t get around to getting kinky on Christmas Eve — well there’s always Christmas, then of course, New Year’s Eve. But!  I always make a point to make Christmas evening fun with whomever I am spending it with. Last year, as I recall, my boyfriend wanted to try strap on play – so of course, we did this. He had asked me prior about trying this, so of course, I went out of my way to order one (a nice 7 inch fleshy one to start), and then he was able to open this as one of his Christmas presents. So what do you think happened on Christmas evening? LOL

What Do Submissives Do During the Holidays?

Well? Do you not have a Mistress in your life? Or if you do, what do you do? I’d like to know because I LOVE to hear stories and behind that, I love to give instructions. So, tell me, tell me. Any plans? If not – you know who to turn to! Right? Of course you do. Just have your toys ready. Keep in mind, I do text sessions because I know during this time – especially in the age of COVID, it’s very hard to get away from family. Find me on Skype: Spoiledangelica

M. Angelica