Okay – I realize I have been blogging about cuckolding my boyfriend for quite some time, and while I love doing it, and I love talking about it, I decided this post should be about some of my callers who spend so much time with me.

So, I have one that I call the “Penny Whore”. It’s an original. He is the one and only. So what makes him a penny whore? Well, because, he carries a jar around, that is attached to his neck by a string and he collects a penny every time he sucks a cock. Or licks a pussy. Or worships an ass. We always have humiliating roleplay that we are going to the teller and he must give her the jar in order for her to count all the pennies. This is such a burning humiliation to him. But, he loves to serve me. And I love to to dish out the humiliation. My penny whore does so much more than that, but those are the highlights.

Then, I have FiFi, my good little dog who loves to just be used by women:  money, humiliation, and has quite a foot fetish. He has offered to buy me anklets off my amazon wishlist so I can wear them on my sexy ankles.

So, just to let you know – I love giving humiliation and if you love small penis humiliation – even better! Also, coerced cocksucking is also a favorite of mine (and if you have been keeping up with my blog , you’ll know why!).

Now I must go but I will talk to you very soon!

M. Angelica