Hello naughty boys,

Some news that needs to be shared – I’m now on twitter: @SpoiledAngelica:  https://twitter.com/SpoiledAngelica .  Also, on tumblr! : https://mistressspoiledangelica.tumblr.com

I will be getting some posts up soon, so bear with me.  So follow, follow, follow me.

Now that that is out of the way, there are a lot of you that I really do enjoy talking to, more notably, ones that make me laugh. I have a fun banter with one out of New York who always pretends he is not gay, but he totally is. He was in Florida yesterday on business and out on the beach and checking out guys. But he always tells me he’s not gay. Yeah … okay. haha… We love to rolepay that he takes me out on a date and I soon discover he is gay by finding his internet history on gay porn, and his stash of women’s clothes.

And then there is cuckold “Mikey” who is obsessed with getting cuckolded … he hasn’t yet, but I am coaching him along on just how to do that through his wife. His wife seems to really want it, but, Mikey has cold feet – I guess he’s nervous another man is going to take his wife away with his charms and his incredibly gorgeous huge cock. Well it could happen, but, that’s the risk you take living the cuckold life!

I’m around this weekend, and I want to hear from you! Remember, you can reach me through email or IM. Be sure to check out some announcements coming on May 14, and 15th here on my blog!

Mistress Angelica