Hello everyone,

I think that submissive men everywhere, or all men in general should always obey the woman.  Why? I think women are superior sexually to men – and men should be in awe of us.  Plus, if you obey, it makes us VERY happy.  I know it pleases me when you call and obey -as it should.   I love that men obey – and if we ask you to – hold your orgasm, don’t cum if we don’t want you to. There is a reason for it. I like to think that men who cum too much are far out of control!   Or even if it’s not about cumming – but just simply taking orders, that’s what I like you to do. Even if you can’t obey – punishing is what I do – spanking, or anything to make you obey – that is what I seek!

If we want you to strip down and wear panties – you should do so. Even if it makes us laugh, and giggle at you. Even if we want to take pictures and show zillions and millions of our friends – you should do it and be glad because it pleases us that you love to obey your Mistress that much!  Humiliation should also be a part of you wanting to obey too.

Obeying women should be the focal point for you – it is fulfilling for you and really does make women’s lives so much easier.

If you want to please me and make me laugh – give me a call – I will be here all day and throughout the week to make you obey. 🙂