So what is your fetish? Fetishes come in a variety of styles, and if you have one, consider yourself interesting.

What is a Fetish?

A fetish is,  as defined by the dictionary:  a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. Abnormal? Really?  Perhaps I take the definition of abnormal lightly, but lots of people have fetishes including me. Perhaps I am abnormal, or, I’m taking the word abnormal a little too strong. If you have a fetish for stockings, and it’s all you think about to make you orgasm – so be it! Personally, I wouldn’t call it “abnormal”.  We all have turn – ons, right?  I think it’s strange how certain things are labeled just because people are turned on by things outside the usual vanilla world of cock and pussy. If you think outside of that, you’re abnormal.

What a Fetish is To Me!

A fetish is a focus of what turns you on. You can have a focus of whatever trips your trigger and the list is very long! It can be clothing, parts of the body but also certain objects – or materials, like rubber, or latex, or balloons even. Whatever turns you on and is your focus is your fetish. (Perhaps I have a fetish for big cocks too, because often, that is my focus). I have heard lots of fetishes for all kinds of inanimate objects – such as vacuums. Yes, I had a call once where the guy loved vacuums. The sound of them and the things he did with the hose. I’m sure you can use your imagination here.

What is Yours?

So what is your fetish? Of course, I’d love to hear about it and play with you on it, it would be interesting to learn more about what makes your brain tick. There are obviously some things I don’t discuss, which are generally the obvious ones and if you have questions about what that is, you can always reach out to us. Other than that, we are not judgmental about fetishes. In fact, most of us here have one or a dozen!

Mistress Angelica