I was talking to someone this morning as they were going shopping, and it was a lot of fun. He kept telling me the things he was finding as he was looking for things to cross dress in. What a sissy! I guided him through all the stores as he told me what exactly was in the mall he was shopping at. I had him go buy a pair of high heel shoes from a shoe store, and he was made to go buy some lingerie as well.

After that, I told him to go to an adult store, so he stayed on the phone with me the whole way and we were chatting about how he would dress up for me, and how he would use his toys.  I had him buy an eight inch dildo – since he had experience buying a dildo before. It was fun for him to get home and use it and dress up for me. This was a nice call! I love cross dressing calls.

He had a fun time as did I, but I think my most favorite part was when he went to the sales lady to actually buy the clothes and I had him explain to her that these clothes were for him. She giggled and commented on how cute the clothes were – and I swear I could feel him blush right through the phone.

If you would like for me to take you sissy shopping – give me a call because I would love to dress you up like my play thing and take you home to use you! Don’t forget your anal toys so Mistress Angelica can play with you!  Come have phone sex with me, I’ll be around all day today 🙂

M Angelica