I spoke with a very frilly sissy on the phone today – C – of whom loved it when I dressed him in very satiny dresses, ribbons and especially a bonnet!  I love to dress up sissies, but this one was especially fun since the fantasy started out as a “normal date” and then ended up not being because I saw his feminine qualities and transformed him into a girl.  I thought it was appropriate – he did seem sissy like to me. (giggles)

Oh, another I loved – J  – I teased him for a whole hour the other day! He had stated that he had not cum in 23 days, and I told him he could come for another 30.  Although, I was quite generous and I had him let go one drop of cum. Yes, one.  And then, I was generous again, and let him cum one more drop – and that was it. Just two for the whole hour. What a cock teasing bitch I am!!  😀

I do love to tease – no matter what. Humiliate, taunt and tease is really my thing.  But, I do love detailed fantasies too – it’s a lot of fun to able to transport someone to another place and I get to go with them!

I have been available in the morning, and since Im on east coast time, that’s about 6 pm  – so all you strokers can get in your early morning call before you head off to work! Wouldn’t it be lovely to call a soft spoken Mistress first thing?

Yes! So give me a call.

M Angelica