I heard from the wanker again today – wanker A, I’ll call him. Oh, he loves to wank away and he loves to have his wallet bled. I said I would blog about him, and here I am, doing so. As I think I already stated, the wanker had a two girl call with me and Victoria a few days ago. Now he keeps crawling back, wanting to wank and be bled dry. Oh I love to cock tease him until his balls turn bright blue!

Other calls have been great too. I mean, have you seen what I look like? I have so many men wanting to worship my body – it really does make me giggle.  They call me and tell me exactly what they would do to me, and how they’d worship the ground I walk on.  They might think that I will have sexy with them, but they would be very wrong!

I wanted to talk about the messenger for a bit – I’ve had a lot of people message me lately, and I love it!  But when I’m on a call, I can’t answer you, and if you want to chit chat about your life – I suggest you e-mail me. If you want a call, or want to ask about sessions – you can message me there. If you want to tell me about you, or know my style, e-mail me and I will get back to you!  You are welcome to e-mail me anytime you want! My e-mail is spoiledbratangelica@yahoo.com

I look forward to having phone sex with you!

Mistress Angelica