I recently spoke with someone who has a fetish for going and driving around while he is naked. Exhibitionism at it’s finest. So I had a fun time exposing him and making him drive around and be completely naked.

I didn’t get to accomplish quite what I wanted – I would have loved to have seen him go through a drive-thru and order food with absolutely nothing on. That would be hilarious for him to order tacos in the buff. I can imagine that the person looking down into the car to deliver his food would probably ask if he wanted extra sauce with his weiner. (laughs)

I did enjoy my talk with him because I really do love to push people’s limits and humiliate them, and I certainly think I did humiliate him as he was to go into a public restroom and get completely naked, jerk off, and then leave. I thought it was quite entertaining to give him such an assignment.

I do love to put you in very compromising situations where your cock is dripping and you’re in panic over what I am going to tell you next.

I will be around tomorrow to take your calls so if you are wanting to get naked for me and do humiliating things – I’m the girl to call. I also want to take control of your cock and make it to where you don’t cum until you do the things I tell you to do. I think it is quite exciting!

Give me a call!

M. Angelica