A cuckold princess is what I am! I have been one for quite some time.

What Makes a Cuckold Princess?

Any woman that fucks other men and her guy knows about – a cuckold Princess. This means she’s got this. She is absolutely in control of her environment, and her men and she is not taking no for an answer. She has a job for each guy in her life and what that guy means to her. Even if you are a cuck, you have a place in her life – not to worry!

How Do You Serve a Cuckold Princess?

It’s easy. You let her be with the men she wants sexually. Then, you learn to lick out cream pies – really really well. You can also pick out her outfits, give her money to go shopping for certain lingerie so she can look sexy for her bull.  The possibilities of how to serve are endless, and believe it or not, up to you. What if you would like to be her fluffer and get him hard for her? What if you just want to suck his cock when she is not in the mood? The choice is yours on what type of servitude if your girl and her guy agree.

What You Shouldn’t Do

You shouldn’t fuck her. There is a reason she sought out having a bull with a big cock in the first place. This is where you need to really put her needs first. It could be that you have a small cock, bad in bed, or she simply is not physically attracted to you. She does love you!  It just means she needs her physical desires met. She is your cuckold princess, and that will never change! If you would like to talk tot a real live princess, you know where to find me.