I am so enjoying the phone sex calls this winter from you  boys on the east coast. You are all snowed in … I know what that feels like! I used to live in New York (upstate) before I had enough and left to sunny California! I know you are imagining me in my sun-kissed golden skin out on the beach, and you’d be right – although, it does need to warm up a little more for me too! Not quite bikini weather yet.

So, with these storms you guys are getting pummeled with to death back east, I’m hearing all these fantastic fantasies and stories that keep you warm during those long cold nights. Do you know what I have found that keeps you really warm? Teasing. Oh yes, good old fashioned teasing and denial. Can you imagine listening to my voice while you are all snuggled inside and its sub zero freezing temperatures all the while you are sweating because I have edged you for so long? Cock control is the best work out you can get…

Oh, you know you want it. Especially if you imagine a flash of my panties and perhaps my sweet pink pussy, and then, you can hardly take anymore when all the sudden …. I tell you you can’t cum, again. Yeah, it’s that frustrating….

So, I’d like to hear about you get through those agonizing long winters – what’s your sexual fantasy? What are the things you do to keep yourself entertained?

I’d love to hear all about it!

Ms Angelica