Tease and denial – it’s so fun for a Mistress! And it should be fun for you too. There is something about making a guy completely beg to cum that makes me smile.

Tease and Denial on Love Day

What better way to torture you than on Valentine’s Day? You’re all alone with no date. Why is that? Well, no matter. What needs to happen is that you are here to be teased and denied. I’m going to do that just for you. In fact, it’s best you have lotion or some lube you can use to make that possible. I want you to be ready, and you also need to be ready for the possibility that I may not let you cum! That’s a very real possibility!

Why Do I Love it?

Power, of course. I love to have the power over a man’s cock. Plain and simple. I know that if I have power over it, I have power over many things in your life and many decisions that you need to make. Many men make decisions based on whether their cock is hard or not. If you are hard overhearing my voice and the fact that I am teasing and denying you – then I have all the power right there, don’t I? Especially if I’m teasing you in my lingerie.

Give it All Up to Me

What you have to do is to get into the right mindset for me to control your cock. I want to be able to tease it and own it in a way that I need to. You have to know that you have to give it all up to me.