Now that winter is here – I’ve been getting more calls about pantyhose and tights. I suspect it’s because that now everyone has to wear pants and can actually get away with wearing tights. I giggle because everyone is always telling me how they love how the stockings rubs against their cocks and it feel so good!  I can just imagine how many guys are actually running around and sleeping in tights, wearing pantyhose under their dress slacks for their office job … It makes one go “hmmmm… “.

I always like to make my calls who have a pantyhose fetish to play with themselves in various ways – like stuffing a bunch of pantyhose down their panties, or pants … or using pantyhose like a glove and rubbing with that.  Or, making them put pantyhose in their mouth, or just doing a roleplay where I catch you in pantyhose – or anything else outrageous that we can think of! (laughs) It’s so much fun playing with pantyhose sluts!  I think if you have any fetish like that, you should give me or any of the girls at a call, because we usually know all about it.  There really is a lot of ways to get very sexy and erotic with a pantyhose fetish.

I will be taking calls all weekend, so whip our your stockings, tights or your pantyhose and I’d like for you to be my pantyhose sissy slut! It will be a lot of fun and I get to instruct you on what to do exactly!

M Angelica