I will get married someday to my boyfriend – I don’t know when exactly, and that is to be determined, but, I already know how our lives are going to be because we are living it now! You see, I’m basically a spoiled princess and a future hot wife. I cuckold my boyfriend, so we all have our lives pretty much set the way we want it to be.

Do you want to be cuckolded? If so, you first have to set out to find hot wife material. A girl who wants to be spoiled by big cock all the time ….

That would be me! 😉

Also, I love panty boys and I sometimes feel panty boys and cuckolds go hand in hand. Basically, if you are small-cocked to begin with, you probably should be cuckolded and you should be wearing panties. It’s a symbol as to how small and ridiculous your cock really is!

I often get asked how to find a hot wife. Well, it’s not an easy task, but when you first start going out on a date with someone — they are going to eventually know how small you are anyway. It would be generous of you to say, “I realize I’m not very big, so if you would like to have an open relationship, I would completely understand”. Of course, there are ways to have this conversation that is more in-depth and heart felt and I have actually coached many along in this very dialog with their significant hot wives. If she is open to it, all the better!

So how would you go about approaching your hot wife about being cuckolded? Any ideas?

Mistress Angelica