Well hello quarantine friends! How are you doing tin this lockdown? Going crazy yet? Well, don’t worry. Us Mistresses at LDW are here to save you, or at least, take your mind off things for awhile….

Social Distancing with A Hot Guy

So, when all this began – I thought, ok, I don’t want to be alone in this whole thing and I broke up with my boyfriend months ago and had been having some dating fun so I asked one of my guys that I date to move in with me temporarily. So here we are. Social distancing together. Did you think I could go without a big cock for however long this lasts? I mean, I’m in California and I’m a beach bum so I felt my only saving grace was Joe. An amazing guy with a tanned hot body.

Sex and Social Distancing

That’s an oxymoron isn’t it? No we don’t stay six feet apart in this house. We are together a lot and we have a ton of sex – so how on earth could we social distance? I know he’s safe which is why I chose him. So my schedule is typically that we get up in the morning, and he puts on the coffee and he goes into a makeshift office he built to work and I go into mine and I work. In the middle of the day, if the mood strikes us, we take a break and go into my big master bedroom and fuck.

So how are you faring in this whole thing? Are you able to have fun and stay sane? Remember, if you are in a position that you can’t talk on the phone, I am always available for text sessions and I’d love to play with you! So check out sexytexting.com!

M. Angelica