You don’t say. A small penis can sure be a bummer to a girl like me. Especially after we have wined and dined, and then we go back to your place, and you pull down your pants. Yikes….

A Small Penis Has No Place in the World

Sounds harsh, but true. Women love a big penis. It makes us feel owned and so so pleasured. So if you have a small penis, I can assure you that you are not going to be invited in my pussy at all. In fact, you must be at least 7 inches to have me. Anything below that will not work. The reason I know this is because I certainly have been with guys who are super small and it was NOT satisfying. In fact, I told him to go home. *giggles* That’s right, don’t waste my time with that pesky little thing!

So What to Do?

Well, if you do have a small penis, don’t fret! There are things you can do to make a woman feel good. You can participate in a bit of oral fellatio. You can be a cuckold and help her in your new role doing that: i.e., dressing her, serving her and her lover in various ways, paying for their dates, etc.  You can clean around the house – oh yes, women love it if you help with chores! It makes us feel special. You can be her little ATM and give her money to shop, etc. If you don’t have a big business, not to worry – there is PLENTY for you to do.

The Humiliation of it

You could very well be a humiliation junkie too. That’s okay. We love to laugh at you, us Mistresses. We have no problem with being entertained by your tiny little cock. I mean, after all – look at it. It’s laughable! I have personally dressed up little cocks, drew on them, photographed and exposed them to my girlfriends. Oh my god. The possibilities are endless.

I look forward to humiliating you and using you!

Mistress Angelica