I went out on Friday night in the city with a girlfriend, and I was in the mood to tease. I wore a short white dress and I had strappy shoes that went up my ankles and tied. I know I looked nice because my friend told me that every time I passed by a guy, he would turn his head to look at me in the club we went to.

I danced most the night with random strangers, but there was one guy in particular who was completely all over me all night. He kept following me around and buying me drinks. He was a rather good looking guy with dark hair and dark eyes, but his attitude was more than cocky, and more than I could handle. But, I felt like messing with him and teaching him a lesson because he really did think he was something!

I told my friend that we should play around with him, so we both asked him if he’d like to leave with us – and of course, he did. I think he thought he hit the jackpot. We got into the cab, and drove down the street. Sitting in the back seat at around 1:30 am, he was sandwiched in between us and yes, we looked very hot! We both started running our hands up and down him and then I looked at him and put my finger to my lips: “shhhh” I unzipped his pants, took out his very hard cock and I begin to stroke him right there, my friend was kissing him on his lips. We did this for about 5 minutes or so, then I gave my friend the signal that we were going to get out of the cab and leave him there.

I told the driver to leave us girls here on a certain block, and take him wherever he needed to go. That poor guy! He kept saying “Wait – where are you going? What are you doing?”

Me and my friend told him ‘goodbye’ and sent him on his way – as hard as ever. I did slip my phone number into his pocket, and he already tried calling me yesterday, early in the morning. I think he had a ‘hard’ night on Friday. haha

I’m loving the calls I’m getting lately – all the teasing I get to do. It’s too much fun for a girl!!

Later jerk offs!

@——- angelica