It’s sissy summer! What are all you girls going to wear this summer?

Make it a Sissy Summer

If you haven’t shaved by now, it’s probably time to start. If you haven’t had a manicure or a pedicure, it’s definitely time to start! Summer is only a few days away, and it’s time to get that body back into ship shape. When spring comes, much like doing the spring cleaning, I like to go to a spa and really get the spring works: facial, waxing, manicure. I also like to get my hair lightened up for summer. It really is my favorite thing to do. So all you sissies should take a lesson or two from Ms Angelica.

What Can You Do?

It depends on what you can get away with in your life. If you have a lot of free time to yourself that leaves lots of room for exploration – you are lucky!  So first things first, you need to update that summer wardrobe. Time to get some sun dresses and some sandals. You also need to get those sexy short shorts. Maybe some daisy dukes. And don’t forget those bikinis! And WAX! For the love of all things erotic, please get rid of that body hair!

Summer Make-Up & Hair

Pinks, corals and shimmery glittery sexy make up is what we want to go for. You want it to be sexy and summery. And don’t over do it, unless you are going out to a club at night. Then you are welcome to do your make up a little heavier! As far as your hair goes, it’s the season to wear it up or wearing it down but very sultry and sexy – like beach hair. And to get beach hair, you need to lighten it up, put some hair spray in it and bunch it up a little bit…

Any questions on how to be a better sissy this summer, you know where to find us!