The other day, I loved a call I got from a sissy who was wearing lace-lined bobby socks, heels and she also had a tutu on. Seven layers of tutu – which I definitely enjoyed hearing about and I had her bounce on a dildo while her tutu flounced about. (laughs) I like sissies in tutus – it seems so feminine and a tutu is the most feminine a sissy can get in my opinion.

Then, I had a stocking slut call me and since I love giving out homework – I made him go buy more stockings in which that’s what he did. I’ve sent out many sissies on many assignments – panties, skirts, hosiery, bras … and I always love it when they come back and they’ve fulfilled what they were supposed to do. It really does please me! I get a kick out of it. If you are going to call for phone sex sessions and you want to be feminized, what better way than to actually do the homework you were given!

Oh, and I learned that Saturday is World Sissy Day – one of my other sissies reminded me and she is supposed to wear a special outfit that coordinates with dressing his “clitty”. Yes, that’s right. She put doll clothes and dressed it up for me the other day. I laughed and laughed…

I look forward to celebrating World Sissy Day with you on Saturday, so be sure to call Me so I can dress you up very pretty!