It’s Black Friday. Which means one thing – shopping! Which I plan to do later on today. I’m not one of those early morning risers who likes to get out and fight the crowds. Not me! I’m a princess, and that’s how I view myself .. I’m going to take my sweet time shopping today, and I imagine I’ll find a sissy too. I usually do. I can spot them.

On some of my shopping adventures, I have noticed some men wandering around the panty section looking very embarrassed, and fumbling around with the material and feeling it all out. I can only wonder if his Mistress sent him out, or if he just feels like a fish out of water around all the feminity.  I can only imagine, by the few I have seen, that they were considering buying them for themselves.

I think next time I see this – these men – fumbling around with panties, I think I’m going to approach them, lift up a pair of panties in front of them, and say, “I think these lavendar panties will look marvelous on you!”  And then I’d wait for his reaction.  Maybe he’ll say something like, “My Mistress might like those … ”

Then, I’ll laugh. Because you never know, the Mistress just might be ME!

I’ll be around ALL post-Thanksgiving weekend – give me a call and tell me how your panty shopping went. I want to hear about the sluttiest ones you purchased.  So, I am giving you a little sissy assignment there for when you do call me.

M Angelica