I was gone the last few days because I went on a shopping spree!  I love that I am so spoiled by some slaves who love to give Me money and who love nothing more than to spoil Me rotten.  I bought sexy high heel shoes, skirts, panties and thigh high stockings – just in time for spring! I love to dress like that and entice the boys – but further more, I know this appeals to the sissies as well – I think they would love to dress how I dress!  Plus, it would be fun to take some sissies shopping – ordering them what to buy, and what to wear and making them try it on in the dressing room – THEN, making them come out and show everyone who is around.

I think that would be fun, wouldn’t it?

But, I really  can’t forget about dressing for the ones who love to be cock teased. I love to do a lot of cock teasing – and I find that all kinds of flirty skirts really do the trick it getting a guy hard – especially if I am wearing thong panties underneath. If you want to be cock teased – that’s how I love to do it.  I love making men pant and beg me to cum! Mmmm, can you imagine?

Your Mistress Angelica is around all day to take your phone sex calls – and I will definitely be waiting for you, you naughty boys and sissies!  I will be waiting to either dress you up myself, or cock tease you until your balls can’t take it anymore!