I’ve had some wonderful sissification calls lately.  It’s fun to be involved in dress up time, and to act like I have a bunch of sissy maids cleaning my house.  I love to get very detailed about what is going to be worn, and I love to put make-up on sissies – it’s that whole transformation that I feel is very exciting and it’s nice to train as well.  I always thought training sissies is like training a dog because I’m always saying “Good girl!” with such enthusiasm so that they know they are doing something good.

For bad sissies, ones who don’t want to do what I ask – bondage and restriction from masturbating usually does the trick.  I often don’t have to do that sort of punishment, but sometimes I have to!  I also love to give a good solid spanking when it’s necessary too. Sometimes a pink ass does wonders to a submissive. My favorite paddle is a solid strap whip – almost like a belt, and it really does the trick to keep subs in line! *laughs*

I have also found that some cock control guys seem to be better when they are restricted, but with them, I mostly like to tease and deny until their balls are hanging so far to the ground they need a wheel barrow to transport them.  lol

So if you are up for some good teasing and denying, or you want to be punished – give me a call, I’d love to punish you! Ms Angelica is always here to administer just thing for you….

M Angelica