Just this morning I had a call concerning panty fetish play. He loves to get into his wife’s dirty panties and play with them, and smell them.

Panty Fetish Play is Fucking Erotic

When I am away, even at the gym, my boyfriend will sometimes text me and say, “I just found your panties and they are so sexy and smell so good”. I can honestly say that it is a turn on to me and it lets me know he’s thinking about me. Also, I know he is also putting the panties on because he tells me, and then, I will come home and he’s walking around with them on. So sexy!

What You Can Do with Panties?

Panties are one of the things you can wear underneath your clothes and no one will ever know. Unless you bend over and you have them sticking out of your pants, of course. You can wear them all day and better yet, wear your girlfriend’s panties especially if they have been worn. Isn’t that sexy? Of course it is. Now be a good boy and go get a pair right now.

Wearing As a Statement

Now if you are the type to put on panties, why are you wearing them? Is it because you are a sissy? Are you kinky and want to be close to your girl while she is gone? Do you like to wear them on your head and put the crotch right on your nose for a nice inhale? Do you like to steal them and stick them in your pocket like a handkerchief and bring them out to smell every once in awhile? Or do you like to wear them on your cock while you masturbate? Which is it?

Whatever reason you wear panties – the panty fetish is very sexy. I encourage you to delve into it more often!