I have some new panty boys now – ones that I love to dress up in panties, and make them completely subservient to me.  If someone calls me and tells me they have been thinking of wearing panties – I love to push them to do it as much as possible!  I love giving assignments and making them do what they only used to dream of doing … if you keep accepting assignments from me, you’ll wake up one day all dressed in panties and a wardrobe of clothes. Perhaps even dildos and things you want to use on yourself.

I love to do feminization and just the other day, I was talking to a sissy boy who was walking through the shopping mall – he was naming off the stores he was in front of, and I made him go in and buy different girlie things for himself – such as panties, bras and a skirt. We went back and forth about him buying a corset, and he gave him and bought one because I wanted him too!  Later when he got back home, he tried it on and thanked me for getting it!

But the big cherry on the sundae was when I made him take his big dildo and shove it in his ass … ahhhh, that was nice, and after a big lead up day – he needed it.

I will be around this Labor Day weekend taking calls and popping cherries! Give Ms Angelica a call at 800-356-6169 and ask for me, so you can get connected with me.