Are you one of the panty boys?

I know several, and I talked to one the other day named Panty Boy Jim who caned himself, fucked himself with a strap on and overall acted like a slut.

Another day on the job! LOL

What is So Special About Panty Boys?

First of all, they are entertaining af. I laugh and laugh when I talk to one. Panty boys are also notorious for being panty thieves. I don’t know how many I have talked to over the last few years that steal panties, but it happens A LOT. How they build up the bravery to do such a thing is mind-blowing to me.

Why Panties?

I think a lot of boys wear panties for the simple fact they have a small cock. They feel feminine anyway, so what better way to tuck that small little package away then smother it in satin panties? Not only that, it feels so luxurious, so erotic, so satiny. Like dipping your little dick into satiny chocolate.

Do You Steal?

So, do you steal panties? Or have you given it a lot of though? If so, I want to hear your stories. I occasionally hear stories about those that steal panties from neighbors, wives’ girlfriends, sorority houses, tenants, you name it. I’ve heard it all. One guy used to go to open houses with people who still lived in the houses, and he would explore the house and go through the dirty hamper. Or, with Super Bowl Sunday coming up – go through your neighbor’s girlfriend’s hamper.

Dirty, dirty. I can’t believe some of you.

Call for Dirty Panty Stories

So if you are a panty boy, and you have a dirty story – I want to hear all about it. It’s important for my entertainment.  So tell me about your dirty panty stories – and whatever else you do to humiliate yourself to oblivion.