Orgasm. Such a great feeling, isn’t it? An orgasm was issued yesterday as a result of my loss of a bet. His team won!! I can’t believe it.

Now if I was a bad Mistress, I could have turned the tables on him and told him that he couldn’t cum, but, I wanted to stay true to my word.

Soooo, as a result, he got to cum last night.

After the Orgasm

So, once I let him have his orgasm, he was then locked back up in chastity. I never said I was completely soft. So even though he did get his orgasm, he will be locked up for say, 2 months.

I hope he enjoyed it!

And I also enjoyed teasing him when I got the chance last night too – he was super fun and sexy.

Do You Enjoy Teasing?

How long do you enjoy it before you get your orgasm? Do you enjoy being teased? What about being teased with no mercy? And when I say no mercy, I mean no cumming. Not all boys get to enjoy that luxury right out of the gate and it takes work.

How Long Could you Handle?

And speaking of tease and denial, how long do you think you could sustain not having an orgasm? One day? One week? One month? Longer?  I find the average player in this arena can only handle one week. Anything longer than that, then its complete mental meltdown.

So I wonder if you could handle it more than one week? Want to try? I dare you to see if you can’t orgasm longer than a week and I’d like to be the girl that sees if you can or can’t handle it….

So let’s do an experiment. Meanwhile, Im going to see how long my boyfriend can handle being in chastity again. I sure hope he enjoyed his orgasm last night!