I am right now on the phone with M – Stephanie and Jessica both wrote about him and now that I got him on the phone, I’m writing about him as well. The thing I was speaking to M about was that he is quite insecure, and such a chronic masturbator. Although, he is nice looking because I received a photo of him several months ago.  Right now,  I know that he is stroking his cock – and I didn’t even ask him yet, I can just tell. That’s the thing with chronic masturbators, they can’t keep their hand off of their dicks.

As Stephanie and Jessica pointed out, M likes to periodically have pity parties, and I’m always trying to get him to think differently.  If I had my way though, I would love to get him a pair of my panties to wear around all the time.   As I tell him what I’m writing – this excites very much.

Also, M tends to be quite sweet underneath the insecurity. As soon as he realizes this, the world with women is his oyster! So, no more pity parties, M!

So, chronic masturbators, remember – we all have you pegged. Keep your hands off your cocks until your Mistress tells you! And remember, women are superior to you!  Now stop masturbating and give your Mistress Angelica a call!

And M, you know you’d love to wear my panties for an entire week and think about me , I’m sure you will have a hard time not being able to cum… haha.