Humiliation comes in many forms, I have found. Just this morning, I spilled my coffee all over aisle 14 of the check out lane in the grocery store, and that to me is as much humiliation as I can experience. Now, I do talk to a lot of humiliation junkies.

What Kind of Humiliation?

As I was saying, it comes in all forms. More notably is the small cock humiliation. Why? Because there are so MANY small cocks out there to make fun of, and you know damn good and well that your small cock doesn’t deserve most women.

There is also public humiliation – which comes in all forms as well. Making you go shopping for lingerie for yourself, for instance. Also, putting you in a room with a group of girls while you are naked (CFNM) is a sure way to humiliate you also. Can you imagine? Especially if you were dressed up in a humiliating way and shown around…

I’m sure, if you are into humiliating yourself, that you already have a good idea of how that plays out in your imagination.

Mistresses Love It

Most Mistresses love humiliation – it’s kind of hard not to. After all, it seems we are always putting you in compromising situations where you are begging to get out of it – but the begging is symphony to our ears. It’s wildly fun. I’d like to state though, that small cock humiliation is a favorite of mine. If you have a tiny white cock – I’m more than likely to laugh at you.

In fact, if you have a photo – that’s even better! I want to see it so that I can study it and put it under my microscope to pick it apart. Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Well, maybe not for you – but certainly for me and isn’t this what it’s all about anyway? Me? LOL

Mistress Angelica