Hi ! I’m back writing in my blog once again, and I’ve been pretty busy on the phone. There are days so many are spoiling me when they call me, I barely have time to take a break!  I love hearing from a lot of you, it’s so fun being pampered and talking about fantasies of you pampering me.  I think one of things I love to talk about is having my feet worshipped. Foot worship is such a luxury, and if I have a submissive who knows how to do it right – it’s pure heaven!  I also love getting pedicures, so if you know or learn how to do that as well – it’s an added bonus!  Another thing you may have noticed in my photos is that I have long, blonde hair and I love to have my hair washed and brushed.  It’s such a sensual experience! Once my hair is dry, and soft – what a perfect tool to tease your body with! Especially your dick… lol. Rubbing it along and brushing it against you – can you just imagine?  I love sensual domination...I mean, I really love to mix up fetishes and teasing – there are so many ways to do it if you have the imagination for it.  I love being imaginative… and I love taking my time talking about the different things we do for one another. But most importantly, how you can really spoil and pamper me!  Is there anything better?Kisses! M. Angelica