Do you love panties? I do. I got a new panty boi who has been calling me who calls himself Kylie, and he’s been spoiling me! Thank you for the virtual bouquets and gifts, Kylie! He’s such a feminization junky!

What Kind of Panties Do You Enjoy?

My favorite ones are those from boutiques that are very intricate, with lace, sometimes ribbons and sequins. Also, panels of satin are my favorite. I love how they ride on my body, and I love how they feel when I have my lovers run their hands on me. So very sexy!


I know lots of sissies who love ruffle panties.  And especially if you wear it under a dress, you are sure to make your ass a little bigger too. I think ruffle panties are super cute! And especially if you wiggle your ass in them!

Only Boutique Please

I used to shop at mall lingerie shops, then I had a boi who introduced me to the whole line of expensive panties – like $30- $50 a pair, and I was hooked because the make of them was very erotic and so well-made! No more VS for me!

So again, thank you, Kylie for being such a good panty boi and spoiling Me! I can promise you that I am giving my guy a good show with the new thongs I am buying with your money, and I’m teasing the hell of him. Not only that, I am making sure I wear them when I am with my big bulls. They so appreciate the expensive panties on my sexy ass.

M. Angelica