Mistress Angelica here.

I have so much enjoyed some calls I have had recently – one of my favorites is to tease a guy with pictures. He sends me his favorite pictures of the girls he likes – and I play that character and tease him without mercy – it’s so much fun to do that. So why does a girl like me like to cock tease? Well, first off all, because I know I can.  Seems easy enough that I can get away with something like that, right?  *giggles*

I love to show picture after picture of the girl in all kinds of kinky outfits and in different erotic poses because he can be completely teased to no end!  It’s so much fun to show them eye candy after eye candy, but they can’t ever lick at all!

Later on tonight, I have a date and my goal is to tease him to no end. I assume I’m not going out until much later, and I will not be out too late – because, he’ll think he’s getting some action.  I think I will wear a short skirt with some platform high heels I bought recently. I know that I will drive him absolutely crazy. Sure, I am going to flirt and touch him and dance the night away – but he will soon learn he will not be getting any of this *waves hand at my body – giggles*   And you will all too!

However, if I do decide to give him some action – I’ll be sure to cuckold some of you by telling you exactly what happened, and why YOU can’t get any of this!


Talk to you soon strokers,

M Angelica