I have a new chastity slave – his blog is under the blogroll on the right. It’s a lot of fun teasing him, and making him do certain things like going to the strip club all in his chastity – unable to do anything about it! I’m not sure how long I plan to keep him in chastity – but I’m sure having fun playing with him and keeping it as MY cock! He can only take it out and play with it when I say. I’m also going to enjoy making him go shopping at victoria secret as he expresses the need to wear panties …

I have been having a blast talking to different callers – fifi, who loves being my dog and another cock sucking slave who craves cock like the need to breathe for air! His claims he sucks lots of cock in a week… he is cock obsessed!

I have been enjoying the summer! Wearing shorts, sundresses and open-toed sandals is the way to go! Going out to clubs on the weekends is a blast as I love teasing the boys of summer nights….

Let Me tease you too!

Later jerk offs, Angelica