Mistress day! What is that?

For every completed paid call you do your name will be entered into a drawing. We will randomly select from all those who called to receive one free call the equivalent to their longest call done during Mistress day up to 60 minutes.

Event will go from 12:01am – 11:59pm on February 13, 2017

The more you call the more chances you have to get your name entered in for the drawing!


A Mistress a Day Keeps the Kink Away

Actually it really doesn’t, I think it makes it worse. But anyhow, It’s important that you partake in such a cool, rare event. I think having a Mistress in your life is important. Take my boyfriend, he gets to experience it everyday and he couldn’t be happier. (His words, not mine).

Control, control, control!

We all have super control every damn day. Bills, work, driving, relationships, and down to what we eat. Mistresses play an integral part in helping those that want it to relinquish that control. I feel we play a very important role in helping those accomplish that to make you feel balanced.

Control Me, Mistress

So how are you going to relinquish that control? Well, to us, it’s important you tell us how. Communication is super vital in our line of play. If you can’t communicate, go home. And then, educate yourself on the vast ocean of domination that is out there. Feminization, cock control, CBT, bondage, dildo play, coerced bi … it’s all in there.

So I look forward to talk to you this weekend, and also on Mistress Day! Save the date and make sure you get the call in.