I had the most fun call already this morning with Super Girl.  She loves to try and be a heroine and  thinks she can somehow over power me – but she never does when she looks deeply into my eyes and I’ve sucked all the power out of her through her pussy. *laughs*

I love doing imaginative calls – it’s a lot of fun getting into the roleplay like that.   I do, though, like all kinds of calls because it keeps it very fresh and interesting! In any given day, I can have cuckold, cock control, sissy, CFNM, or CBT calls – it’s so mixed up and fascinating.

I went out to the club the other night and saw a cross dresser there and wondered if I had ever talked to him on the phone. We were standing right by each other next to the bar and I commented on his skirt and how cute it was, and we started talking.  He said he had been crossdressing for many years, but started going out dressed for the last two years. He said he finally got tired of hiding it.  I’m glad and he seemed comfortable and happy!  I always like to talk to crossdressers who I can encourage to go out if they can. Sometimes, it’s fun fantasizing about making them go out – whether they want to or not. *evil giggle*

I am around to take phone sex calls all day – and want to hear about what you have to share with me. The juicier, the better! Call me at 1-800-356-6169.

M Angelica