I’ve always loved black latex – and though I know I look like a demure little flower in pastels, I still love to get quite vixen-y. I’ve role played cat woman before with another caller of mine, but yesterday I did it again with someone else – and it was just as fun!  I loved the gloves I wore with the little claws poking out, and the very shiny, tight latex outfit.  I put electrodes on his cock and zapped him into submission. Then I sat down on his face and made him worship me! (laughs)

I know that I have become better about bringing a man to his knees.  And I’ve learned to do it in a variety of ways!  I love to control whether it’s feminization or guided masturbation – I’ve learned that every man has a weakness and my goal is to take advantage of it. (Trying to hold back a wicked laugh).

I’ve also learned to make a man weak by wearing various outfits myself – latex, thong panties, lingerie, leather, boots, gloves. I find those are tools to make men even more weak than they already are. Of course, I love to use it against him and bring him to his knees. Once I get you with what I’m wearing, then I go in for the “kill”. You become my prey and my toy that I love to play with – just like a cat!

I will be around to talk to you today – so please give me a call! I want to bring you way down to your knees too…