I’m excited! I’m going to try to get out and do a couple of road trips with my guy this summer, but we’ll see.  I’m kind of one of those girls that I don’t always go for the fancy hotels that are $400 a night.

I sometimes love to get on the road and do Route 66 and find the broken down motels on the side of the road for a quick bang, or an overnight stay and do several bangs.

A Mistress Who can Be Slutty

With my submissives, I’m in control always. I love to always have the upper hand and rather enjoy my time with a submissive man or an alpha male. Now alpha males, in my world, have their place. I have a road trip buddy that I love to do trips with and visit those little seedy motels I mentioned above.

Our 2 to 3 day adventures will always land us up in crazy places where we love to have a lot of sex. This guy is nice and big and I enjoy his cock so much. We always look for the Route 66 hotels with the squeaky mattresses to give our neighbors audio entertainment.

Coming Home to a Submissive is Spicy and Everything Nice!

When I come home, I live with my submissive boyfriend (I have a couple of different boyfriends that serve a few needs each), he will be there to give me back massages and ask me how my trip went. I tell him all the details and he loves it. I keep him in chastity currently and I am the primary key holder. This is so good for him because I know that he is on his best behavior when I’m away with my fuck boy. My sub loves to hear about my other guy’s cock. Like, in detail. So much so that I have questioned if he wants to suck it or not.

He’ll say meekly – “no….”, but I think otherwise so this issue will have to be pressed later with him. What do you think?

Do Guys who Ask a Lot About Other Guy’s Cocks….. ?

Want to suck them? I always raise an eyebrow when another guy will ask in detail about another guy’s cock: size? Shape? Veiny? A lot of cum? Where did he cum? Big balls?

And I’ll ask, “Why do you want to know so many details? Are you wanting to blow him or what?”.   I think there are a lot of closet gay guys out there, honestly. Or, they just have a cock obsession which can be kinda gay, but not full-blown tilt gay. Why do you think some guys want to know these details? Comparison or just living in a fantasy all on their own?

Should I Make Him Suck Cock?

I’ve had a plan in the works for awhile that if I come back from a trip, or night out with my bigger boyfriend, and he begins to ask questions like that again – I’m going to offer that he see it up close and personal.

I’ve already talked to my fuck-boyfriend about him and how he asks so many questions? My fuck-boyfriend said – well – I’ll make him suck me off if he’s that interested.

And in my Mistress-y mind, that made a whole lot of dominant sense.

We’ll see what happens this summer. My sub-boy might be sucking off his first. We shall see.

And you? Have you sucked cock yet? Have you thought about it but never did it? If no, why not?

I’m always curious about such things because it’s, you know, Mistress “research”. We just love to know.

Until next time, stay naughty – Angelica