Hello from the Princess,

Happy New Year!  For 2009, I hope I can really feminize more boys as I did this past year. I had such a good time this past year, that I can only hope to really corrupt more boys in the months to come. I love panty wearing boys. And I really do intend on making more boys wear panties for sure!

I also really enjoy having to make boys fuck themselves with dildos. If you have a dildo and have been wanting to try – you should have me help you. The princess absolutely loves it when you use a dildo on yourself on yourself, and when you actually suck a real cock! I can’t believe how many cocksuckers are out there sometimes, it really does make me laugh!   I like contributing to the cocksucking society, so I love that so many love to suck cock, and I like to force and talk men into doing it too.

If you have been thinking of sucking cock for some time – you can call me and I will certainly convince you to do so. You know you’ve been thinking of doing it for quite some time – it’s time you did it. 2009 is the year of the cocksucker – so you really should think of getting on board!

It’s time you started doing what you really want to do in the year 2009.

Get your calls in to Mistress Angelica before the year is up and let’s talk about what your goals are going to be as a submissive to Me.

M Angelica