I recently put up a profile up at www.sissyschool.com for all you sissies who are looking for a young, fresh girl who loves to have girly talk and I do love to shop, of course.

I love to talk to all kinds of girls – from those who just want to wear panties for the humiliation of it, to those who are serious about it and want to make it a life changing experience.  From my perspective, I love being a girl!  Being a girl means to be beautiful and everything that goes along with it.  There is so much more for girls to think about, and those who want to be real girls – well, how fun it is to fill your time with shopping for make-up, dresses, stockings and all the extras that men don’t wear or involve themselves with.

I think it’s also fun for the men who want to be humiliated. For these types, I think they live their lives day to day being and filling the man role  and deep down, they don’t feel like a man, or want to feel like a man – and want to be emasculated and lose the control of being a man. I love to be in control and exposing some men for what they really are.


There have been times I wondered what it’s like to be a man, and what it would be like to have a penis. A strap-on is as close as I can get. I wonder why there are rarely fantasies that women conjure up that have to do with the woman dressing in her husband’s boxer briefs, or his jock strap?  lol  Is it that exciting to be a woman, to want to be a woman?

Whatever it is – I love playing dress-up with boys, sissies, tg’s or whomever. So welcome me to sissyschool.com!